Grace Hebert Curtis - Tidelands, Myrtle Beach, SC - SHORT LIST-Rev 3

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ROUGH PROOF'S ONLY - No post production or retouching has been performed. If there is more than one version of a view, there may be subtle angle or element placement differences. A Before & After Contact sheet can be provided of final selected views upon request.

- perspective and lens distortion will be corrected as much as possible
- landscaping palm tree tops will be enhanced to appear more mature
- yellow cast of interior lighting will be minimized
- darker areas of building will be digitally lightened, especially in twilights (and blue cast will be removed)
- moire pattern in brick will me minimized or eliminated
- handicap and directional arrow pavement markings will be removed
- security camera on top SW corner of the building will be removed
- debris on pavement will be removed
- “seams” and drainage grates in asphalt will be removed
- stoplights at intersection will be removed
- blue emergency call stands will be removed
- handicap signs will be removed
- any movement/blurring foliage will be corrected
- better blue skies will be substituted for any views of the north face of the building
- any “ghosting” of vehicles on road of north facing views will be removed
- street signs, traffic signs, crosswalk poles will be removed from view
- CLIENT REQUEST, crosswalk in image Number 6 will be removed
- CLIENT REQUEST, change clear blue skies to skies with white clouds in them, all clouds substituted will resemble each other

- color casts will be removed from ceilings
- major creases will be removed from patient bedding
- small intrusions of light onto floor/walls from between blinds will be removed
- emergency switches, illuminated exit signage, wall outlets will be removed from non-testing/treatment/recovery areas
- minor cords/tubing can be removed as part of standard post production, extensive cords in testing/treatment/recovery will require Advanced Post Production charges
- prominent logos from any medical equipment will be removed
- exterior views through windows will be adjusted to be more natural
- glare on surfaces or on hanging art will be minimized or removed
- monitor screens (except very large monitors in lobby area) will be turned dark or have Tidelands logo placed on them, at GHC’s preference
- large monitors in conference rooms require input as to what should be placed on them
- monitors can be placed on walls where they are missing
- sprinkler heads and security cameras can be removed in all final images upon request
- CLIENT REQUEST, image 17, monitor screen. A flat black monitor screen will be substituted for highly reflective surface, but a “hint” of the reflection will be remain for a natural look. The frame of the monitor will be darkened and the color cast will be removed. At the time of photography the monitor was tilted in such a way to demonstrate what the equipment was, rather than seeing it “edge on” and have a prominent piece on black equipment in the view without clearly recognizing what it was.
- CLIENT REQUEST, image 12, direct sunlight in view. Though Advanced Post Production has been declined to minimize as much as possible the direct sunlight in the scene, work will still be attempted to minimize (without undue delay in completing the project), without charge, to improve the overall view (PREVIOUS NOTE: Two attempts were made to photograph the area (first attempt was image 64 on original contact sheet), expecting better conditions on the second attempt to complete the second image. Unfortunately, instead of lighting improving as anticipated (shadow being generated from exterior louvers above windows) direct lighting was worse. To stay on property for the additional 2-3 hours that would have been required to wait for the scene to be out of direct sunlight would have been exceedingly increased the cost of the project. So R2 made the decision to attempt to recover direct sunlight areas in post production as the more economical option. )

 QUESTIONS about anything that may or may not be included/corrected, please ask.