GraceHebert, Tanglewood Elementary, Central (Baton Rouge), LA

ROUGH PROOF'S ONLY - No post production or retouching has been performed. Corrections in final images that will be performed include: - any blurring of figures (Rebecca in image 2), - Distracting figures in frame in distance will be removed, or the color of their clothing muted, - color casts on walls/ceilings will be removed, - overhead lighting reflections will be removed from shiny floors,- children's books will be moved from right side floors of image 13 or 14, - monitor screens will be replaced with either school logo or screen of GraceHebert's choice (we just have to remove MS Windows interface,  - in image 21 and 22 underside of teacher's desk will be "cleaned up", - minimizing of noise in images due to requirement of high shutter speed in order to freeze figures in frame.