GraceHebert, W Feliciana Parish Hospital, St. Francisville, LA
-Exteriors, Aerials, Twilights

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ROUGH PROOF'S ONLY - No post production or retouching has been performed. If there is more than one version of a view, there may be subtle angle or element placement differences. A Before & After Contact sheet can be provided of final selected views.

This is “short list” contact sheet. There are additional images available, including daylight of the courtyard/fountain, as well as the creek on the west side of the facility. 

- High winds limited the height at which the UAV could safely fly, so all images were taken from the height of the tree line or below.
- Geographic issues such as the narrowness of the parking lot with immediate trees surrounding it, and with ground based images-the vehicles in the parking lot, limited how far back both ground-based and/or UAV cameras could be placed to photograph the building. To compensate, panoramas were created, however, there may be distortion that is not correctable in these images.
- Towards the end of the second pass of twilight an ambulance pulled up to the emergency room entrance and remained for over 20 minutes. Within a minute of it leaving, a police car pulled up and parked. The window of twilight conditions had closed at this point, so the second pass wasn't completed. A reshoot of the second pass of twilights is possible, however, additional fees, but only 50% of a full shoot, will be incurred as this is an "Act of God" situation.

- perspective and lens distortion will be corrected as much as possible
- landscaping straps on trees will be removed
- rubber marks on curbs will be minimized
- light rays coming into view from lamps off camera will be removed
- darker areas of building will be digitally illuminate, especially in twilights (and blue cast will be removed)
- oil spotting on pavement will be removed
- interior admission office lighting will be “turned on”
- landscaping debris will be removed
- any shadows from elements outside the view will be removed or minimized
- vehicles in view may be able to be removed without charge, but may potentially incur an Advanced Post Production charge, depending on the selected view.
- street signs will be removed from view
- grass texture and color differences will be minimized
- holiday lighting and associated extension cords around the top of both covered entries
- antenna/transmission tower behind facility can be removed on request
- any movement in flags or foliage will be corrected
- red in "emergency" signage will be toned down

 QUESTIONS about anything that may or may not be included/corrected, please ask.