ILM Capital, Campus Quarters, Mobile, AL

ROUGH PROOF'S ONLY - No post production or retouching has been performed. If there is more than one version of a view, there may be subtle angle, element placement, or time of day differences.

GENERAL: If camera or its shadow is visible in image, it will be removed. Perspective will be corrected.

EXTERIORS: Views were created at two different times of day to ensure the best possible lighting conditions from which to select. • Any blurring due to element (cloud, plant, umbrella) movement in the wind will be minimized or corrected. • Shadow blue color casts will be corrected.  • Minor imperfections in pavement and grass as well as debris will be removed. • Vehicles remaining in front of leasing office could not be easily physically moved, or perspectives were limited-it "may" be possible to easily remove the cars (please ask). • It was incredibly difficult to photograph any parking area to illustrate proximity to the building without cars in it. 

INTERIORS: Corrections in final images that will be performed include: • Color correction • Correction of color casts on walls/ceilings from different colors of light from fixtures/outside light sources • Glare on woodwork/bookcases/cabinetry will be minimized/corrected • Television/monitors visible will have either a black screen or the facility's logo, whichever is preferred • Minor cable/wire/outlet/switch removal will be performed • Exterior views sky through windows and doors can be altered to a more natural view

QUESTIONS about anything that may or may not be included/corrected, please ask.