NGKF, The Esplanade, Kenner, LA

ROUGH PROOF'S ONLY. As phases of this project are completed, they will be added to this contact sheet so all project images are in one location for review.
- There was no requirement that the twilight images have the same natural illumination/shot at approximately the same time.
- Dillard's appears to have closed over the 12-09/10 weekend.
- All final selected images have been delivered as of 12/13 with the exception of aerials which rough proofs were provided on 12/15.
- All photography completed as of 12/14. 

BUDGET (number of images budgeted for final delivery): 115 Total
- Twilights: 12 images (11 selected)       - Interior: 45 images (44 selected)   
 - Exterior: 17 Images (14 selected)       - Aerial: 45 images (ATC canceled 12/13, rescheduled/flown on 12/14)
Additional images selected beyond the 115 budgeted in the Estimate will be $25 each=$5 post production + $20 license (Same rates as Estimate)

Included in final selected images:
- perspective and lens distortion adjustment to ensure vertical and horizontal lines are true. 
- Lens flare in twilights will be removed,
- Light streaks from aircraft, or aircraft itself in sky from flyover will be removed,
- Any distracting blurring of figures or foliage will be corrected or removed
- Any visible faces will be blurred to remove any recognizability
- Blue cast to any building in shadow, or shadows on the ground will be removed
- Any blurring in the foliage will be removed
- Any appearance of wing, vignetting, or sensor dust in aerials will be removed

NOT included (because it is due to facility maintenance issues):
- Main entrance of property had a decorative light fixture out. The charge to correct this is $10/image.

QUESTIONS about anything that may or may not be included/corrected, please ask.