RMK, Porter Hospital, Atrium and Breast Center, Denver, CO

ROUGH PROOF'S ONLY - No post production or retouching has been performed. If there is more than one version of a view, one has the perspective corrected, one does not to be able to include the floor and furniture/finishes.

Corrections in final images that will be performed include: • Color correction • Lens Correction as much as possible • Color matching to RMK provided samples • Correction of color casts on walls/ceilings from different colors of light from fixtures/outside light sources • Glare on woodwork/bookcases/cabinetry will be minimized/corrected • Minor cable/wire/outlet/switch/emergency signage removal will be performed • Dark areas in background due to the requirement of photography to be performed at 6:30 AM will be adjusted/lightened as much as possible • Light fixture details will be restored where there is only solid white/blown out.

QUESTIONS about anything that may or may not be included/corrected, please ask.