RMK, Vision Associates, Toledo, OH

ROUGH PROOF'S ONLY - No post production or retouching has been performed. There are additional angles not originally requested to provide alternatives. If there is more than one version of a view, there may be subtle angle or element placement differences.

INTERIORS: Corrections in final images that will be performed include:
• Color correction
• Color matching to RMK provided samples
• Correction of color casts on walls/ceilings from different colors of light from fixtures/outside light sources
• Glare on woodwork/bookcases/cabinetry will be minimized/corrected
• Television/monitors visible will have either a black screen or the facility's logo, whichever is preferred
• Minor cable/wire/outlet/switch/exist signs/ceiling elements (minor)/emergency sensor or lighting, etc. removal will be performed
• Exterior view sky replacement can be made upon request  
• Operating room/recovery may be able to be “cleaned up” of extraneous cables/tubes etc.-please request post production quote
• Surgery nursing station without crash cart can have curtains on far beds on either side (with crash cart has both options available as a proof)
• Pendant lights in Surgical reception area can be turned on
• Fluorescent pink of flamingo promotion in waiting rooms/reception/checkout/dispensing area can be removed leaving a “white swan”
• Overhead fans’ motion will be removed
• Overloaded magazine racks contents will be removed leaving matching black
• Examination room with antique equipment can be substituted with modern equipment of second exam room
• Any elements left on desks/tables of exam rooms/nursing stations, etc were secured to the surface and can be digitally removed (most without additional fee, please ask)

EXTERIORS: All effort was made to recreate the requested angle/elevation of view, however the adjoining property structure made the exact position impossible. A twilight image was created as a bonus, however the exterior sconce lighting was only illuminated for 10 minutes, which is why more variations were not created. Corrections in final images that will be performed include:
• Imperfections and debris in pavement will be removed.
• Colors casts from interior lighting will be corrected.
• A more flattering sky replacement can be made to the twilight image
• If view from in the drainage pond is selected, grass can replace the mud
• Shadows from elements off camera will be removed
• Glare on building number on canopy can be removed
• Blinds will be created in all windows for uniformity across all windows
• In twilight image interior lighting can be enhanced (sconces turned off before interior lighting was dramatically visible)

QUESTIONS about anything that may or may not be included/corrected, please ask.