Curtis Group, Tidelands GMH, Georgetown, SC

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ROUGH PROOF'S ONLY - No post production or retouching has been performed. There are additional angles not originally requested to provide alternatives. If there is more than one version of a view, there may be subtle angle or element placement differences. A Before & After Contact sheet can be provided of final selected views.

Because of the sheer number of images, a second “short list” contact sheet of images can be created to facilitate easy selection of final images.

- perspective and lens distortion will be corrected
- Items visible through windows such as construction equipment, storage containers, etc. will be removed in final images
- color cast in outside windows will be corrected (not so blue)
- any glare in artwork will be removed
- removal of items such as exit signs, sprinkler heads, outlets, can be performed upon request. 
- monitor screens can be replaced with graphics provided by Curtis
- missing wall monitors can be replaced with “stock” monitors (size will be approximate to what was present but uninstalled on property)
- monitors visible laying on floor will be removed
- in sterile room left workstation can be replaced with “clean one” on left (it couldn’t be staged because of the items present)
- labels on lockers, or laying on benches awaiting placement will be removed
- distracting cords that couldn’t be hidden will be removed
- gurney mattresses still covered with plastic will be replaced with one with fabric

- perspective and lens distortion will be corrected
- landscaping straps on trees will be removed
- pavement discoloration from pollen will be minimized
- rubber marks on curbs will be minimized
- light rays coming into view from lamps off camera will be removed
- darker areas of building will be digitally illuminated
- oil spotting on pavement will be removed
- any parking lot light not illuminated will be “turned on”
- sky can be replaced, but may incur an Advanced Post Production charge depending on the specific view
- landscaping debris will be removed
- puddles from rain will be minimized or removed
- Any overhangs intruding on the view will be removed
- Any shadows from elements outside the view will be removed
- Daylight clouds will be lightened
- Vehicles in view may be able to be removed without charge, but may potentially incur an Advanced Post Production charge, depending on the selected view.
- Street signs will be removed from view
- Frond tops can be placed on newly planted landscaping along size and back of building
- Grass will be filled in

 QUESTIONS about anything that may or may not be included/corrected, please ask.