Utah Eye Center, Bountiful, UT

INTERIORS - Final images with full post production are presented below.

EXTERIORS - Only first image has had post production performed. Remaining images have had no post production or retouching has been performed. Items that will be addressed or removed in final selections:
- Perspective tweaked for straight verticals,
- Power pole/wires and street lights,
- Any ghosting of moving vehicles or foliage movement in wind,
- Distracting shadows from off-view elements,
- Minor landscaping correction,
- Utility marking on pavement, and
- Street/roundabout signage.

Signed Estimate requested two exterior images. Any additional interior images selected beyond two will only have an additional license fee of $125 each. Any additional exterior images beyond two will be $155 ($125 license +$30 post production). 

QUESTIONS about anything that may or may not be included/corrected, please ask.