Vision Associates, Toledo, OH

These are the images created for the interior designer, architect, and furniture vendors.

If Vision Associates would like to use any of the images here, a license for non-exclusive (because other parties including R2 Photography, LLC are receiving licenses), unlimited (can use them in all marketing efforts without restriction), in perpetuity (license doesn’t ever expire) can be obtained for $150/image for the first three images, and $100 for each additional image licensed at the same time.

Images will be provided in three file formats: high resolution TIF for professional printing, high resolution JPG for in-house printing, and web resolution for use online. 

Licenses for these images can be purchased any time in the future, but only through R2 Photography, LLC. This contact sheet will remain active for one year. These images cannot be received as a gift from any party.

QUESTIONS about anything, please ask.